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Waikin Ranch is the ambitious investment of Victor Pires – Managing Director of Caribbean Chemicals Guyana Limited and Bulls-Eye Investments Incorporated.  The potential is covering almost 33,000 acres, with the vision to .   On 21st February 2011 Bulls-Eye Investment Incorporated was formed as overseer and on 6th December 2013 a lease for agricultural purposes was approved by then President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana Donald Ramotar.

As the development advanced, so did the demand to accommodate guests.  Therefore, in 2017 we started organizing to enter the tourism sector as an agri-eco-tourism service provider for a farm stay experience. On January 2018, the commencement of this venture began and the first guest was from August of this same year.

Waikin Ranch embraces the values we hold dear.  The Rupununi is as rich as it is unique for offering a special quality of life. The land encompasses all life it sustains.  Developing the land enhances the area, attracts more life and overall adds greater value. And the spirit of community involves the regard for valuable traditional ideals as we are the benefactor-creator and preserver of the land. Through participation and the interest of knowledge, Waikin serves the growing needs of the people.  Through employment and such areas as training, as well as through community collaboration, many serve to benefit.

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