Kawa-Shee Farm


The Founders

Dorothy Atkinson and Stephen Faria got married in 1974 and as a dowry got from her parents –

Nash and Tassie Atkinson- ten heifers. These ten heifers were the foundation on which Kawa

Shee Farm was built.


In 1978, four years after their marriage, Steve as he was better known, Dorothy and their first

two children moved into their tiny thatched roof home built on a hill 1.5km south of Nash and

Tassie’s home – Santa Cruz. This first building served as HQ for many years as it morphed into

what the farm is today, through extensions and renovations and eventually being demolished

altogether to be replaced with the modern farm buildings standing on the original site a few

kilometres outside Sand Creek Village in South Rupununi. The name Kawa Shee comes from a

kind of waterlily which grows in abundance in the lake, also named Kawa Shee, a few hundred

meters south of the farm buildings.

The Herd

Through careful planning and strict farm policies the ten original cows started to grow into the

farm herd. The golden rule which served as the guiding beacon for Dorothy and Steve was “Buy

cows, sell steers”. This motto, which stands even to this day on the farm, ensured the slow but

constant growth of the herd. Steve having come from the coast of Guyana did not have a

ranching background or a single head of livestock to his name. He did however have very sharp

insight and always looked for opportunities to increase his livestock numbers. One particular

example is his very first calf. Steve had a pair of Dunlop shoes which he had acquired in

Georgetown. A young man offered to buy his shoes in exchange for a small calf. The deal was

made, and Steve had his first cow. Another addition was when one of his brothers in law bet him

to ride an untamed stallion. The prize if he did? Another calf added to the herd. Such was

Dorothy and Steve’s fervour to build their legacy in the form of their family farm.


Kawa Shee Farm over the years produced peanuts as a cash crop, vegetables and a number of

livestock other than cattle. The farm bought Large White pigs for intensive rearing, Black Belly

sheep and free-range chickens. Due to logistics and other issues, the decision to focus on only

one major livestock was made. Today Kawa Shee Farm produces only cattle and a few horses for

managing them.


Kawa Shee Farm also offers Bed and Breakfast services which include the option of a hammock

to experience an authentic night on a livestock farm.

Present Day

Kawa Shee Farm is currently run by Dorothy Faria with the help of her sons who live in the


From its humble origins to present day, Kawa Shee as it is most commonly referred to, remains a

hub for entrepreneurial livestock farming, integrating modern technology with traditional

knowhow, hospitality and through Dorothy’s commitment, the preservation of indigenous culture

through dance in the form of the Katiwau Dance Group.

Contact information

For further information please use contact email kawasheefarm@gmail.com

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